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Thru Our Eyes Photography | Linton Wildlife Photos

South Dakota wildlife photographers, Ron and Kathy Linton

South Dakota wildlife photographers, Ron and Kathy Linton never dreamed they would be hiding behind blinds watching grouse dance, climb Harney Peak or listening for bugling elk. Ron also didn’t realize he would meet his future wife, a South Dakota native from Watertown, who had been raised with photography in her blood.

Ron’s love of photography moved with him from Las Vegas, Nevada to the Black Hills of South Dakota. Kathy, working in her family darkroom and helping her dad with his home-based photography business, always kept a camera close by for an unexpected shot.

Photography became a shared interest and eventually a passion turned a professional photography business known as “Thru Our Eyes Wildlife Photos”.

The core philosophy in their photography business is that everyone sees things from a unique perspective and their images reflect exactly that.  While they shoot all their images in digital format, post production enhancements is very minimal.

South Dakota wildlife photography - Ringed Neck Pheasant

South Dakota bird – Ringed Neck Pheasant

“We pride ourselves on being South Dakota wildlife photographers able to produce one-of-a-kind photos and gifts from unique moments in nature that only we have had the opportunity to not only witness, but capture on film,” says Ron Linton. The Lintons feel it’s important to share their wildlife images, as they have the privilege to witness nature and animals in a way that many people only dream of.

Ron & Kathy Linton have had many images published in magazines and various publications over the years. Most recently, the front cover and other supporting photos were used in the printed version of the 2015 Rapid City Chamber Business Directory. Also the Lintons have been published in the South Dakota Magazine and their work may be seen in various gift shops throughout South Dakota and the surrounding areas.

Sharing the beauty of South Dakota through nature, wildlife and people is the mission of Thru Our Eyes Photos, as Ron and Kathy Linton enjoy living in this beautiful state.